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CTS East (Pty) Ltd

   Abnormal loads Division


CTS East is the specialist Abnormal Loads/Lowbed Division.


We are one of the largest SA conveyors of Construction and Mining Equipment, Structural Steel Fabrications and all other types of Abnormal Loads.

CTS East is also well equipped to move Aircraft and Aircraft Components and other similar sensitive abnormal loads.


CTS East transports loads throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries including Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.


We mainly service the Mining, Construction, Plant Hire, Energy Utility, Crane Hire, Crushing and Screening industries. Our Clients include Roshcon (Eskom.), ELB Equipment, Liebherr Africa, Shantui, HPE (High Power Equipment.), WBHO, Eqstra Heavy Lift, Sarens SA and Kalmar Forklift. 


With over 21 years in the transportation industry CTS East has established a fine reputation for moving Abnormal Loads with maximum efficiency for all of our Clients.


We have a Staff complement of close to 100 that includes a stable Workforce of Drivers, Driver’s Assistants, Escort Drivers, a fully Staffed Workshop and Yard Assistants, and Managerial and Operational personnel who are all experienced specialists in their fields. Our Managing Director, Trevor Rawlings, and his deputy, Dave Thompson, have some 70 years of collective experience in the industry. They often undertake supervision, especially of sensitive and very large loads, themselves to ensure safety and client satisfaction.


We also have a large, flexible Fleet of Prime Movers and Trailers of various configurations, together with the hands-on experience required to meet our Clients’ most stringent transport requirements for any type of load.

We have a Fleet compliment up to 35 Truck-Tractors ranging from Low Weight 6 X 2s to Ultra Heavy 6 X 4 and 8 X 4, 8 x 6 Haulers and 44 Trailers. We have fully equipt Workshops where we undertake Servicing and maintenance of our Fleet.



We pride ourselves in our experience, professionalism and service.


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